How Long Does It Take To Learn Sign Language? Overview

How long does it take to learn sing language? It’s crucial to ask this question before jumping into starting your journey of learning sign language. In general, everyone has a different learning style and pace. Likewise, there is also no exception in the case of learning sign language. So, it may take a shorter time […]

Can You Forget Your Native Language? Let’s Explore

Can you forget your native language? It became a big debate among language researchers. As there is no exception that everyone has a native or first language, and some even have two. But the crucial question to ask is what language is native to you? [toc] There are more than a few opinions on that. […]

How Long Does It Take To Learn Japanese? – Easiest Ways

Language learning can be intimidating. Sooner or later, you will find yourself asking many questions. Let me tell you that this is very normal, especially in the case of a language like Japanese. [toc] Lots of people find it hard to learn the language because of its complex writing system. One of the top questions […]

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